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Ishwar Sawale

Machine Learning Researcher | Software Developer | Data Scientist

Who am I ?

Machine Learning Researcher | Data Scientist

I am currently working with Mindstix Software Labs as Data Scientist.

At Mindstix I am working as Computer Vision researcher for billion dollar client, who deals in beauty prodcuts. Previously I was working on Recommendation Engines for Retail. I have also developed Chatbot based on RASA framework which then I integrated with Slack and Face Recognition System which is hybrid of Facenet and Dlib.

Previously I was working with Coriolis Technologies Pvt Ltd. I have developed and maintained the number of applications in Coriolis such as License plate recognition engine, SOAP-API client in C, AMI automation tool for AWS CLI, Orchestration tool for Puppet, Chef & Ansible written in Ruby On Rails.

Other than development, my responsibilities at Coriolis includes working as Scrum master, leading the small team of Developer and QA members.

My area of research is Artificial general intelligence(AGI). I am working on an application of reinforcement learning to create a Cognitive systems.

Personal Info

I have completed Diploma in Big Data Analytics and Bachelor of Engineering from University Of Pune.

I am a quick learner and enthusiastic about learning new technologies. I am working with C, Python, Java, R, Kotlin, Bash, Go language for my development purpose.

I have also worked on some hobby projects such as developing apps in Kotlin for android platform, real-time image classification in an android app by training machine learning model on the server and recompiling it using TensorFlow for Android, another one is creating real-time face recognition using facenet as backend.

In my free time I like to work on interesting projects in Data Science domain. I also have completed courses related to Machine Learning, AI from Udemy, Coursera.

Recently I have open sourced a Face Recognition library based on Facenet Named as facenet_recognition.

My Expertise

Computer Vision

OpenCV, Python, Android


RASA NLU, RASA Core, Slack

Recommendation Systems

Content-Based, Collaborative, Hybrid, Matrix Factorization

Web Development

Ruby On Rails, Flask

Data Science

Python, R, Tableau, Statastics


Ansible, Puppet, Chef


MongoDB, SQL


AWS, Azure


SVN, Github, Latex

My Resume


2019 - present

Machine Learning Research & Development

Colour Constancy Algorithm research for multi-ethnicity & different illumination condition for the client.

Question Answer based Chatbot system research & development, the bot can retrieve answers for users query from unstructured data of the website.

2018 - 2019

Machine Learning Development

Colour Constancy Algorithm research & development

Implementing Real Time Recommendation Engine for Retail Clients which helps to drive revenu

Created Chatbot application and Integration using openc source framework RASA and integrated it with Slack for client

Implementing Graph Based Recommendation Engine, where User-User similarity based recommendations are provided

Face Recognition System based on Facenet with Dlib, as hybrid approach to get more assurance about unkown person for client

2017 - 2018

Rails Development

Created REST API for orchestration using Chef, Puppet & Ansible Configuration Manager

Created REST client using Golang for specific use case

Handled Responsibilities as Scrum Master

Machine Learning Development

Real-Time Face Recognition using Facenet and Tensorflow for security cameras

Festival Recognition Android App, in which I trained model for Festival Recognition like Holi, Diwali, Eid etc. Then Optimized it for an android app which is used as a local resource for festival classification.

Handwritten digits classification from MNIST on Android with TensorFlow and Keras, this app can recognize a digit drawn on the screen and gives prediction about number

2016 - 2017

Machine Learning Development

License Plate Recognition this project was used to auto-detect License Plate in the car and fetch license number. I have used OpenAlpr library along with handcrafting features for License Plate detection

Cancer Survival Prediction in this project based on the dataset we use to predict survival of patients.

Software Development

Added features and maintained Soap API client written in C language

Rails REST API development for an android app.

Implemented Ejabberd XMPP chat server in Rails


2015 - 2016

Diploma in Big Data Analyatics

Machine Learning, Hadoop, Java, Python, R, Business Analyatics, Statistical Analysis with R, Cloud Computing & HPC Applications,

2014 - 2011

Bachelor Of Engineering E & TC

C, Assembly Language, Probability, Random Variables and Random Signals, Java, Linear Differential Equations (LDE) , Fourier Transform, Introductory Z-Transform (ZT), Vector Differential Calculus, Vector Integral Calculus, MatLab, Digital Signal Processing, Systems Programming and Operating System

2008 - 2011

Diploma in E & C

C, Assembly Language, Applied mathematics, Algebra, Statistics, Microcontroller


Machine Learning
Data Science



My Services

Data Science & Machine Learning

I have worked with Classification Problems such Titanic: Machine Learning from Disaster, Otto Group Product Classification Challenge, Imbalanced classes.

Some of the regression problem I have worked on House Prices: Advanced Regression Techniques, Loan Prediction. There are other projects that I have worked with some of them are NLP, Collaborative filtering Recommendation System.

Computer Vision

I have worked with computer vision problems such as building License Plate Recognition for Indian License Plate, where the width of the license plate is not fixed, digit dimension and font is not fixed so built ocr and detector for it.

I have also created Real-Time Face Recognition Engine using Facenet, which can detect faces and assign the label to it from the trained model. There are some projects where I have reatrained and optimized it for an android app.

Mobile Development

For some time I was working on Android Mobile Development using Java as well as Kotlin, I have created some basics app for Android platform.

I have also implemented Machine Learning models in an android app as the local resource such as Festival Recognition App in which Indian Festival are classified such as Holi Diwali etc. I have used Keras and Tensorflow for ML model development.


I was working with a client to do some specific task with Puppet, Chef and Ansible configuration managers, in which using Rails where the user can input job in json for any of above configuration managers.

I am familiar with working of Ansible, Chef and Puppet configuration managers

Software Development

For my development task, I use language suitable for the task. I have created a REST client using Golang for the specific use case.

I have worked with Ruby on Rails for two years in which I was developing REST API using Rails as backend.

Soft Skills

I worked on some hobby projects about which I write an article on LinkedIn. I also like to present my work to other people so we can grow together

I always try to improve my communication skills. I like to work on new technologies and ready to deal with any challenges.

Open Source Projects

Face Recognition Python library

Open source 'facenet_recognition' out of box solution for Face Recognition based on Facenet

Tensorflow multiclass classification

Inception model in an Android App which classify objects from Camera feed

Real-time Face Recognition

Thist app detects faces in video and predicts whose is it. Facenet model is retrained for my dataset.

Festival Recognition App

This is an android app to classify different festivals in India like Holi, Diwali, Eid etc

Digit Recognition App Using Keras

This is an android app to classify different digits drawn on a screen using ML model

Face Recognition Using OpenCV

Face Recognition using OpenCV and Python based on HAAR Classifier

RSS reader App for Android Using Kotlin

This is Simple RSS Reader app for an Android written usin Kotlin language

Collection of Android Apps In Kotlin

This is collection of an Android app such as Tic Tac Toe, Calculator, Notes etc


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